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When we delivery your flowers, gifts?

We delivery your choosen flowers and gifts just 2 hours after you checked the order and after your on-line payment. If you dont pay on-line, you can make a banktransfer. In this case we delivery when the payment is arrived on our bankaccount

Our working hours are: Mo - Fri from 8am to 7 pm

If you request a week-end or holiday delivery please make your order 1 day before untill 7pm


The prices are in Czech crowns (CZK) , incl. VAT

The prices are for the Prague delivery


You dont have any flower in your basket. Choose a flower and than you can select a gift.

The namedays

Sat18.11. Romana
Sun19.11. Alžběta
Mo20.11. Nikola
Tue21.11. Albert
Wed22.11. Cecílie
Thu23.11. Klement
Fri24.11. Emílie

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